labor law, collective law

These issues have gained significant relevance, due to the extensive governmental intervention in their applicability and monitoring and the potential criminal consequences their breach may entail. We can provide comprehensive services on Labor Law matters, not only including all legal aspects inherent thereto (Lawsuits, Remedies, and administrative procedures), but also the relevant technical and operational ones.

The labor law practice and laws ruling such matter in Venezuela are extremely complex and protective. We feel proud of having a labor department able to guide our clients throughout the extensive range of working relationships they may set-up, acting as advisors on labor and union related matters, as negotiators of collective bargaining schemes of all kinds, and as legal counsels in lawsuits.

Our goal is to help our clients to manage relations with their employees as well as with trade and union associations representing them. Our lawyers are actively involved in forums, committees and other organizations focused on interpreting the Organic Labor Law and other social laws ruling this matter.