One of the main service areas for the Firm is providing consulting advice to our clients in the tax and financial field, intended to create value for them by analyzing and designing legal and financial structures to optimize their resources and structure tailor made financial and investment operations, as well as customized vehicles offering solutions and alternatives for corporate resources management.

Tax related services rendered by the Firm comprise tax related lawsuits as well as general tax and financial consulting. The Firm members provide general tax consulting services to our clients, including analyses on tax impacts arising from those investment vehicles and structures adopted, the use of Treaties for avoiding double taxing, as well as asset administration, fiscal planning for industrial and business projects, and analyses on tax impacts arising from new rules and regulations affecting investments.

Our lawyers also work closely with clients and external advisors for developing new investment structures enabling taking advantage of fiscal rules, or reducing their negative effects on the business. We also have extensive experience in handling tax resources, both at administrative and jurisdictional offices, as well as in designing legal strategies for representing the company in face of any action from tax authorities, at either national or municipal levels.